Student Recruitment Committee
Type Of Group:Committee
Status:Appointments Confirmation
Classification:Academic / Career
Reports To:N/A
# Of Meetings:6
Proposed # Of Members:14
# Of Vacancies:3
Current Chair:Jaclyn Badeau
Staff Liaison(s):Christin Hunter
 Group Objective
The Student Recruitment Committee’s mission is to encourage and support the recruitment of talented students to become CPAs. From grassroots efforts to national programs, the committee has a wide range of activities they focus on throughout the year.
Members must be AICPA members with less than 15 years of experience in the profession.

Current Group Members
MemberRole©Yrs Of Svc
Aldrich, LaurenMemberYes1
Andrews, JanellaMemberYes1
Badeau, JaclynChairYes3
Banez, AlexanderMemberYes1
Brown, RebekahMemberYes3
Chung, SimonMemberYes3
Floyd, DavidMemberYes2
Foster, JessicaMemberYes3
Hunter, ChristinStaff LiaisonYes5
Jones, SummerMemberYes1
Labernik, MatthewMemberYes1
Mays, KameshiaMemberYes1
Nevo, JordanMemberYes2
Nix, JacobMemberYes1
West, SophiaMemberYes1