IRS Advocacy & Relations Committee
Type Of Group:Committee
Status:Accepting Applications
Reports To:Tax Executive Committee
# Of Meetings:2
Proposed # Of Members:18
# Of Vacancies:5
Current Chair:Rochelle Hodes
Staff Liaison(s):Melanie Lauridsen
 Group Objective

Monitor legislative and regulatory activity related to procedural and general administrative matters. Develop technical and policy recommendations related to tax procedure and administration, including suggestions to improve and simplify tax forms and instructions, IRS publications, and taxpayer educational materials. Maintain appropriate relationships with the IRS, Treasury, Congress and other government officials. Serve as the primary contact with IRS on behalf of all Tax Division committees and TRPs when initiating dialogue on advocacy issues and discussions related to proposed solutions regarding tax administration matters. Coordinate with the Tax Practice Responsibilities Committee on advocacy matters involving tax practice standards and professional ethics before the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) and preparer oversight and procedure issues before the Return Preparer Office (RPO). Responsible for submission of technical positions or policy recommendations to OPR and RPO.

Previous experience in tax, tax administration, and various other areas.

Current Group Members
MemberRole©Yrs Of Svc
Armstrong, GregMemberYes2
Bond, MarkMemberYes1
Burke, TimothyMemberYes1
Caplan, RobertMemberYes3
Cooper, MattMemberYes2
Healy, JohnMemberYes3
Heroux, MarkMemberYes2
Hodes, RochelleChairYes5
Lauridsen, MelanieStaff LiaisonYes1
Nellen, AnnetteMemberYes1
Simmens, ToddMemberYes3
Solodchikova, AlinaMemberYes4
Stigile, CoryMemberYes3
Welch, CecilyMemberYes1
Wiley, MelissaVice ChairYes1