Tax Practice and Procedures Committee
Type Of Group:Committee
Status:Appointments Confirmation
Reports To:Tax Executive Committee
# Of Meetings:12
Proposed # Of Members:15
# Of Vacancies:4
Current Chair:Dan Wise
Staff Liaison(s):Sarah Shannonhouse
 Group Objective
The Tax Practice and Procedures Committee (TPPC) monitors developments in and changes to IRS procedural and administrative guidance. The TPPC works with the AICPA TPPC liaison to:
  • Develop and review guidance and resources for Tax Section members and AICPA members with an interest in tax to help them understand and comply with the complex rules of IRS practice and procedures;
  • Keep members informed of changes to the procedural aspects of tax practice; and
  • Collaborate with other committees and technical resource panels (TRPs) across the AICPA as needed on projects related to tax administration and procedure.
The Tax Executive Committee (TEC) liaison to the TPPC works closely with the TPPC on the review and creation of resources and keeps the TPPC abreast of happenings across the various committees and TRPs that report to the TEC.

    Comprehensive experience in IRS practice and procedure.

    Current Group Members
    MemberRole©Yrs Of Svc
    Auerbach, ArthurMemberYes2
    Brody, EllenMemberYes2
    Burke, TimothyMemberYes3
    Clark, ReginaMemberNo1
    Dellinger, ArthurMemberYes2
    Diiorio, JohnMemberYes4
    Kossman, SethMemberYes2
    Nellen, AnnetteMemberYes3
    Shannonhouse, SarahStaff LiaisonYes5
    Shinn, ByronVice ChairYes4
    Ward, KellyMemberYes3
    Wise, DanChairYes5
    Wolbach, KristineMemberYes3