Tax Practice Management Committee
Type Of Group:Committee
Status:Appointments Confirmation
Reports To:Tax Executive Committee
# Of Meetings:4
Proposed # Of Members:14
# Of Vacancies:2
Current Chair:Michael Whitmore
Staff Liaison(s):April Walker
 Group Objective
The Tax Practice Management Committee (TPMC) monitors developments, trends and best practices for management of a tax practice. The TPMC focuses on helping members to future proof their tax practices by providing them resources to improve efficiency, quality of service and profitability. The TPMC:
  • Communicates with members on trending issues, hot topics and/or escalating member challenges related to practice management issues;
  • Develops guidance, tips and other informational resources on practice management issues unique to the tax practitioner in the areas of workflow and process, client communications, client security and technology and practice development (e.g., attracting and retaining clients); and
  • Develops and reviews guidance, information and resources on technical tax issues for Tax Section members and AICPA members with an interest in tax.
The Tax Executive Committee (TEC) liaison to the TPMC works closely with TPMC members on the review and creation of resources and keeps the TPMC abreast of happenings across the various committees and technical resource panels that report to the TEC.
Comprehensive experience in managing a tax practice.

Current Group Members
MemberRole©Yrs Of Svc
Alexander, AngelaMemberYes2
Becker, MatthewMemberYes3
Davis, FrederickMemberYes3
Durst, MeganMemberYes1
Gallegos, MarkMemberYes2
Hudson, ShannonMemberYes2
Lagarde, BrandonImmediate Past ChairYes9
Larkin, GwendolynMemberYes1
Martin, DamienMemberYes1
McCullar, TeelaMemberYes3
Sistrunk, JoyeMemberYes2
Slatten, PamelaMemberYes2
Walker, AprilStaff LiaisonYes9
Welch, JulieMemberYes1
Whitmore, MichaelChairYes7